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Strangeness "Switched" Power


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November 28, 2009
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'99 Explorer XLT
I ran into an unexpected power and computer "collision" I suppose.

Anyway, I had my deck pulled out and was making an actual hot switched power to run to my deck so I wouldn't need the key in the ignition. I got a switch, tapped the power part of the switch into the 2nd 12V cig plug ( the one on the passenger side, center console) and the load part straight up to my decks red "switched" power wire.

Now something happened when I turned the switch on, both my VIPER computer and the THEFT light were going off. The THEFT rapidly blinked everytime flipped on the switch, and the VIPER computer ticked(usually what it does when its doing something.) Now with toggle switch off, I turn the ignition on, then off, flipped the switch again and it started the deck no problem, and my THEFT light wasnt flashing anymore.

Then, I flipped the switch off, turned the ignition on, and no stereo. Nothing. Except for the Eject button, but thats ran off constant power wire.

I didn't hear any fuse pop but decided to check anyway. Checked the fuses, all good, except 2 random blown ones ( Im guessing they were something pretty non important because everything still worked fine. Also this is the first time Ive opened the fuse panel in the 8 months Ive had my Ex, so for all I know those fuses were probably blown long before I got it.)

So, I'm stumped. I've got no idea how I lost the stereo switched wire. My guess is the computers somehow cut it off, doesnt make sense but since the fuses are fine I cant think of anything else.

Honestly, its no biggie that the stereo doesnt turn on when I start my Ex. It works out good for the remote start end because I dont want my stereo turning on during remote start, just no point in it.

Why I wanted a toggle was because Im taking it to a party, I dont want drunken idiots ####in with keys in the ignition, and also my headlights turn on in both ON and ACC position. Basicly my ACC is ON, just my AC/heater doesnt work and the Neutral Saftey still has effect.

Any theories you guys can think of?