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Street Scene Speed Grille for 3rd Gens(Sports & Sport Tracs): Info


November 12, 2004
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College Station, Texas
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2003 Sport XLT
Before I set out to do this I did a search on here for info. To no avail I couldn't find very much help, and the instruction sheet isn't the greatest. I didn't remove the front facia like instructed to do so. Remove the stock grille assembly from behind the facia, cut both sides of the grille assembly off (the 2 little "honeycombs" that are on both sides) Install the 2 little grille pieces to the facia from the front, and use 4 clips (each side) to clip them onto the facia from behind. I decided not to use the included clips to attach the grille inserts onto the factory grille, I used smaller black zip ties (not included with speed grille). Before I attached the speed grille, I slide the factory grille back into place and put the screws back in. (keep in mind, at this point there is only the center section since the sides were cut off). After the factory grille is back in place, zip tie the speed grille onto the factory grille. I used 5 zip ties on the top piece and 4 on the bottom. End Result:


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Nice...........................I cussed a lot when I did mine and ended up using zip ties too, they worked and I stopped cussin........................well for right then.

briwayjones said:
Looks good. I want to get a set for my '00.

You will have to beat me to it ;)

briwayjones said:
You've got your hood scoops, can't you leave it at that? :p

You are kidding right ?

looks nice wolf

gotta get the valance section now, it was on backorder when I ordered the main set. I also can't decide if I wanna put the Ford emblem back in the center.

I would blacken it and then put it back on.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: