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Stripped out 02 sensor :(

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November 12, 2000
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1996 Eddie Bauer
Yesterday I went and tried to take out one of my O2 sensors in bank#2 and to find out whom ever owned the Explorer before me had put it in crooked and when I attepmted to take it out, it stripped on me. (but still got it out).

Now what is the best way to repair this?

Just an FYI,, my dumb a$$ tried to put in my new 02 sensor anyways and I stripped the treads on it due to trying to put it in the pipe where the o2 sensor suppose to go. But if anyone here can tell me what I can or should do please help me out. If there is a cheaper fix then going out to buy a new pipe that would be great to hear :D.


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Get a tap and die set and use it to chase /clean up the threads. I think you can rent these for free @ autozone (but call first).

These tools are made out of very hard material and will reform the threads. They usually come with a metric and STD thread gage which will tell you which one to use.

But if I was to use the tap and die set wont it make the hole/new treads a little bigger and might be harder to put in my new (stripped out also) 02 sensor?


Not at all. You will use the exact same size as what is already there. The tap and die will just reform the treads at the exact size they were before. The only problem would be if you kept spinning the sensor into the hole which removed all the threads (you need "material" ie thread to reform)

Many people (including me) will chase the threads on lots of bolts to make re-assembly (future disassembly) easier.

Thanks a bunch. I will try this. But also to make sure will the die take that kind of heat?

I mean being down there by the cat and all. (just making sure)

By you Question I am assuming you haven't used a tap and die set before.

A tap is the male cutter part which looks like a bolt with funky threads. The die part is a Hex shapped socket with funcky threads. Both do the same job, they cut new threads (no New material is added) the tap is used on the exhaust pipe, and the die on the O2 sensor threads.

You may have confused a tap and die set with a re-threading kit. A re-threading kit (or whatever it is called) would have you make the hole slightly larger and then insert a new sleave which the sensor would screw into.

Oh got'cha. I will call AutoZone today for this set. Thanks a bunch.

instead i would just take it to any decent exhaust shop they will weld up the old fitting and put a new one on for real cheap should only take them 5min

they also make special tools just for this problem here at our shop we sometimes remove O2 sensors on dodges well after stripping out a few we found a special o2 sensor die made for them we got ours at Carquest.

Originally posted by Billy177
instead i would just take it to any decent exhaust shop they will weld up the old fitting and put a new one on for real cheap should only take them 5min

Yea I was told by a guy here at work to do it as you mentioned above, but then if ever that 02 sensor goes out again... how shall I remove it,,, if it was welded :( ?


I don't think he meant weld in the o2 sensor...

I think he meant closing up the stripped hole and putting in a new bung (I think thats what that threaded piece that is welded onto the exhaust is called).

You then would have a new hole to screw the o2 sensor into.