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Struts or struts and springs?


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November 10, 2004
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2002 XLT 4x4
My 02 just hit 90K and I've been noticing more than usual front dip after hitting speed bumps. I think the front is even sagging but might just be in my head. I'm seeing the Monroe quick struts have a rebate right now but don't want to spend extra money if I don't need to. If I get just struts I will have to take it in to get the work done but if I get the quick strut I can do it myself I think. Do you think I need springs? Do the springs last a lot longer than the strut? Just some general advice would be appreciated. This is a 95% street driven car. Just some dirt road use when I go the shooting range.


Pick of her last summer. Still lookin good.


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'02s have a history of broken springs. I'd just get the Monroe Quik Struts and be done with it for another 50-100K miles. The cost of the Quik Struts installed by you vs having the struts only replaced at a shop would likely be cheaper.

Some have bought these versions: Made in China

'02s have a history of broken springs in the rear. If the fronts aren't broken, I wouldn't replace them. I actually just replaced my front struts in my '02 at 147k. installed monroe sensatracs, (which are really reboxed reflexes. They even have reflex stamped on them.) I used the old springs and the truck rides great now. Even when turning from a stop, the expected body roll is completely gone.