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Stryctny9e's 1993 XLT

Hey guys, thoght I would make a registry for my explorer. I bought my EX for $1800 about a year ago with 132,000 miles on it. Strong motor, she ran smooth, and a bunch of little issues. That is when I was searching to resolve them and found this site. It all started with the drivers side door sag, which was quickly taken care of thanks to DeRocha's how to thread. Then there was some missing interior parts like a few light covers, rear vanity cover and a broken arm rest. I dragged my girlfriend with me to the junkyard in the rain (her first time to a junk yard) and ended up finding everything I needed. I also changed most fluids, oil, transmission/filter, radiator, lubed suspension. Didn't plan on doing much with the explorer until I found all the cool things I could do on this site. I also got tired of my truck looking like the other million explorer roaming around my town.

I like to hunt and go out shooting on a regular basis so I got a chance to fool around with the 4wd quickly. I found that the 4x4 high worked but the 4x4 low range was inoperable. SO it was back to the forum to do some searching and that led me to pull off the electric shift motor and clean it. As I suspected the plastic stopper was broken, replaced it and the low range worked right off the bat.

I quickly found that my Exploder lacked ground clearence(whoops thread-learning the hard way) and want to do a lift and some bigger tires. The day after that incident I recived my warrior shackles in the mail and installed them. I also installed new wheel bearings, painted I beam and brake calibers, and rear drums, also painted the spindles. I also just got done painting Bpillars and the rear pillars. They were all faded and I wanted them to match my truck since it is a two tone.Also painted wiper arms and plan on doing door/hatch handle soon.

The body and paint were in good condition there was only a dent in the passenger side fender and minimal rust. Mainly the rust is on the roof in the rain channles. There is a new dent in the hatch, a friend of mine bought a boat and asked me to tow it for him, I said yes. The guy he bought it from loaded it on my hitch, I did not check it myself thinking he is a boat owner and fully capable of doing it right, wrong. Three blocks down the road I was rear ended by a boat. I was pissed at the time and he offered to by me a new hatch but I don't want a missmatched truch and have yet to find the same color scheme at the junkyard. I got over it and about a month later some Jacko decides he don't want taco bell any more and backs out of the drive thru. Meanwhile I am backing out of my parking spot. I am honking my horn and apperently he was def because his toyota tacoma backed into the drivers side of my rear wheel well resulting in a softball size dent. I held back my temper and said a few kind words to him and went on my way before the scene escalated.

My plans for the future are a new/used motor after my wheelin incident(think I have rod knock)but she is still running. A coil spacer/add-a-leaf lift. New rims and tires. Probably some cragar's and 32's x 11.50. Possible body lift for even bigger tires but onle after I do some re-gearing. New lights, my light quality sucks and would like to upgrade for a newer look.Oh yea I am going to rhino line the roof of the EX to get rid of that rust and add a uniquie look. Manual hubs, and a flow master exhaust that will happen sooner than later, because I have a fist size hole in the muffler, caused from when I had to pull the truck out of the mud hole. I will also be doing ball joints/ u-joints, tie-rod ends and bushings when I do the lift.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to do all the how to write ups and posted all the good advise and knowlege to the site. I will be doing my part soon.

What you have all been waiting for THE PICS


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lookin good

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Got a couple Job interviews tuesday, If all goes well and I get one of them I will be getting new tires soon. Yay, hella excited, I need bigger meats!!

Good luck mate!

thanks Lynchy, I will keep my fingers crossed, I have money for tires saved up just cant spend it on tires till I get a job. It is more like emergency money, but I cosider this a emergency I NEED 32'S!!!!

Good luck man!!! 32's is deff considered an emergency I agree. So recently me and my girl have found a new place to live forcing me to save my money the downside is I went to start my mustang the other day and it doesn't start so I'm thinking the alternator is shot and I can't buy a new one but the plus I get to drive around my ex haha.

Coming together nicely.

Well that sux about the stang palmer, but maybe I can swing by and we can try to find out whats wrong with it, I wish I still had my volt meter. Anyways if your positive it is the alternator than I wont worry about it and you will be happy to drive the ex for a few weeks anyway. I might tinker with somthin on the ex later, I got to wait and see what happens with the weather. Now off to this interview!!!

How'd it go?

1 interview went well and the other was kinda a waste of time. The first interview was for a maitniance position and the guys there were cool and I was able to answer all thier questions and feel very confident. The other one was out of my leauge and the general job posting was very different than what they were looking for. Hopefully I will get a call back from the maitniance position, untill then I will keep on searching and play the waiting game for a call back.

Just checked the mail and I got a check in it, so it looks like I will be getting new calipers and rotors since mine are shot to ****. I will have some pics of that somtime this week im sure!

Nice surprise, my letterbox is usually full of bill's:D:thumbsup:

Inside the Mailbox

There was a couple bills in there with it, But on the positive note I alredy paid those online:D I should probably save my money because I only get 1 more check after this one, But if I cant get tires I will get somthing for the rig that is less expensive and will give me possible better gas milage for the time being. My calipers are shot and are very sticky and if im gettin new calipers might as well get new rotors so I dont have to worry about them being warped or needing to be re surfaced.:biggthump

Rotors and ...

Just picked up these, I told you guys money burns a hole in my pocket. I will get the calipers tommaro!!


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Cool! That cheque didn't even touch the sides, straight through! They sure are pretty tho' would look good on the wall in my lounge room.:D:thumbsup:


Picked up these cheapie rebuilt calipers from schmucks or O reillys whatever you want to call it, But at least they are rebuilt FORD parts


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Painted calipers

Yea yea yea i know these suckers will be coverd in brake dust in no time and you will hardly be able to tell I painted them. But my main reason for painting was to help protect from rust and mud. In the pics the flash from the camera made the non painted calipers look very shiny and gave them the same look as the painted ones. But in persom you could really tell the difference and I like the way they look. Also I thinl it will look cool having a lighter color caliper sitting behind a set of black rims, wich I dont have yet but plan on getting in the future, or painting my deerhoove stck rims black in the future.

Let me know what you guys think and I will probably end up throwing on the rotors and calipers tommarow.


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Are you going silver or red, yellow? Blue?

No worries mate, I get abit confused sometimes:D! Should look wicked on board:thumbsup:

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I will take some pics when they are all put together and I also get to bleed my brakes, so maybe that will resolve some of my ABS issues. Thanks lynchy.