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Stubler Questions?


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May 3, 2006
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MOORESVILLE, North Carolina
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99 XLT
Ok I have a 99 explorer 4wd I guess I have the bw4405 transfer case with the 5r55e trans. My question is will I be able to bolt a bw1354 transfer case to my trans, and will the electric **** version of it plug right in to my new explorer's wiring harness. Also what would be better to have with the doubler the electric or manual shift version. I saw on 4-x-fab that the electric shift is easier to install the stubler with. Now with all that said I have read that I might need to put a smaller gas tank from the 22gal to the 17 gal, because I have the 4door. One more thing that comes to mind my driveshafts I have the superlift double cardain which has a slip yoke in it so I should be able to get away with not having to extend it and the rear should not have to be shortend because I am soa so all the lift my rear shaft's slip yoke is almost extended all the way out so I should be able to compress it and get by with that. I think that covers everything driveshafts, if the 1354 will bolt up, and which is better the electric or manual, and will the electric tranfer case plug in to my new electic system. Please add to if you guys think I am leaving something out here or correct me if anything I said is wrong on here. Thanks..

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If you are going to keep an electrick shift t-case, i would use it as the main electrick 4x4 t-case and get a manual t-case to cut up for the stubbler..

well thats what i was wondering whats the best setup to get rid of the stock 4405 and put a 1354 eletric in its place and then put the stubler on it.

i'm not sure if the electrick 1354 will plug right are better off going with a manual 1354 for the 4WD case and getting a 1350 to cut up for the Stoubler, besides wouldn't it be cooler to have 2 T-Case shifters in the truck

yeah that would be stick but i mean i was thinking about a atlas 3.8.1 and atlas says that i wouldnt be able to get the 4.3.1 or 4.8.1 because i have a automatic tranny and with it in gear and the atlas in low range the brakes wouldnt hold the x stopped it would just keep crawling. Do you think this would happen with the doubler.

i mean want do yall think the stubler or just pop an atlas 3.8.1 in there with no driveshaft fab work and all the freakin transfer case work.

Of course there will be driveshaft work (lengthen/shorten) -- there's always driveshaft work :D

Better start reading up on driveshafts, like how to phase them, pinion angles, joint series dimensions, joint series angle limits -- mmmm, sounds like some good quality reading time in front of the fire place :D


haha real nice but what i am saying is that would you like the stubler with all that work or the atlas with no work????

Work as in driveshaft work? Because I dont think the Atlas is the same length as the stock transfer case. If this is the case, then both the Atlas and the stubler/doubler option would require driveshaft work.

im pretty sure when i talked to atlas about ordering one they told me no mods had to be made just running to shifter linkage throuh the floor board

I'm doubtful because you're front driveshaft looks like this:

But hey, if you talked to Advanced Adapters (not Atlas) and they said its a bolt on, well then they probably know the best. You may also want to look over Jefe's Atlas thread, might be some good info there.

You'll need new front & rear shafts with an atlas. Doug has a Atlas in his rig and needed new driveshafts front & rear.

well yall take that one up with atlas customer service, and my driveshaft doesnt look like that if you would have sat by your fire "IZWACK" and looked at my original post i said i have the superlift dual cardain front shaft....

haha i am just playin with you on that last one dont get all serious on me now

Ah my fault.