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Stuck Air Vent - Blowing Issues - 2002 XLT


August 18, 2005
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Lantana, FL
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2002 XLT
This is the worse time for this to happen. No matter what setting my vent selector is on (MAX AC, AC, Upper fan, lower fan, window defrost...) the vent only blows air from the window defrost and the floor. It does not come out of the middle vents that blow right on you. It randomly worked about a month ago. I turned it to AC and air came out of the correct spot. It kept working until I accidentally switched it to defrost after 2 weeks. As long as I didn't move it, it worked.

So my question is what do I need to adjest to correct this problem. I am in FL and buring up!!!

Thanks for your help.

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Based on your forum name, I think you are going to have a hard time getting the right help here, and should re-post in the section that matches your '92 Ex.

The expertise on failures such as this resides with those that know your particular vehicle, and usually they can point right to the failure mode.

Eventually a mod may come along and move your thread, but they are not on here full-time.

(Edit) Doh, you got me - you do have it in your thread title - so never mind the original answer.

I'm thinking failed blend door actuator (but have not done this job/had this failure - did for my rear heat/AC however). Do you have an incessant repetetive clicking noise under the dash, more pronounced at different HVAC settings?

Recommend a Search for "Front Blend Door Actuator"

Good Luck with that weather.

Look at my thread on page 2 "AC problem: broken plastic" it sounds like you could have the same problem. Mine is also a 2002.

If this is the case you can jerry rig a fix with bailing wire by wiring the actuator lever in the open position. You can still turn each dash vent off individually using the control next to each vent.

To check this, open the glove box and squeeze the sides in a little as you pull the glovebox forward, the whole thing will flop down so you can see better. look under the dash towards the center, see those two cylindrical metal deals with a shaft sticking out of them? they are vacuum motors that open and close the blend doors. The upper one operates the dash vents.

With the motor running to provide vacuum, operate the climate control and observe the function of the vac motor. when you move the knob to the left of 12 o'clock the motor pushes one way, at 12o'clock or to the right, it goes the other way.(Iforget which way is which, but you'll see what I mean)

If there is no plastic piece engaged in the end of the vac motor shaft, this is the problem. Locate the broken off arm near the area where the vac motor shaft moves and turn it by hand. Find the spot where the dash vents are open and wire it in place.

Thanks for the replies. I will give this a shot today after work.

Oh, and I used to have a 92' Explorer, but now have an '02. Didn't feel the need to change my name on there, though.

Thanks rr, that fix in the second thread is exactly what I was looking for.
I found the piece that broke off and was thinking of trying to glue it back together with something to reinforce it, but this idea looks better.

Dealer dosn't sell this part separatly, you have to buy the whole assembly.