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Stuck caliper bolt.

I don't think you grasp how many of the masses do not take much care when doing brake jobs. The evidence is the examples of people with those problems going to buy rebuilt calipers, and those are bad often times also.

That wouldn't happen if most people were really being careful about those boots. Most people ignore the importance of those boots and the random chance they are pulled open. They are all in a big hurry to get it all apart, and they don't worry about cleanliness until they have to handle the pads. Just my opinion of course.

It is not hard to remove the whole caliper with the bracket. That is the only way I do brakes unless there is no choice, such as the pre-95 Explorers. Those have external slider pins, not bolts, and have to be removed to do the pads. Those people used to often come on here to show everyone how they had to be removed, and cleaned and re-greased.

All brakes these days should also be bled, never push the caliper back in with the bleed screw closed. But nobody does that, few people know about pushing old fluid back up into the ABS system. That would be more worth telling people about, but I don't because it's over most people's heads.

I grasp exactly what you are saying. Most backyard mechanics are simply in too much of a hurry to be careful.

But I don't think you grasp that I'm not posting on this site for those people, since I doubt any of those people read these threads. If they did, they certainly aren't in much of a hurry. Right?

I post here for the other people that ARE taking the time to learn, and do things properly and carefully. For these people, they can save themselves headaches later by carefully inspecting their brakes during a brake job.

You don't have to agree, and you are welcome to go on not inspecting your guide pins.