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Stuck in 4wd


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July 11, 2006
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Richmond, VA
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99 XLS
Maybe someone here can offer some help. Everything was pretty much fine until I put a limited slip rear in mtruck. after that It was difficut to make tight turns. within a few days of putting the axle under the truck, the transfer case took a dump. Installed another transfer case and same thing... Brown wire mod doesnt work and even if I disconnect the harness to the shift motor, its still in 4wd. pulled the shift motor off and there are 3 settings, 4hi, N, 4lo. when switched to 4hi and 4lo the front a rear driveshafts are locked with the input shaft, when shifted to N the front and rear driveshafts are still locked, but now they are free from the inputshaft. What am I missing.

its a 99 4.0 with auto/4hi/4low switch

In Auto the viscous coupling in the TC will make it seem to be locked if turning by hand. Are you sure the limited slip was good, if frozen or locked it will make tight turns difficult.