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Stuck in Neutral


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June 19, 2016
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Fresno, California
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1995 Ford Explorer Limite
95 explorer ltd, 140,000 miles, 4 L v6. Drove out to a job site and parked. Awhile later, started the car, switched to 4L, heard a clunk and then had no movement when put in gear. The car is stuck in neutral and won't go into any gear and won't go into park. I left it at the job site and want to find out what things I can check when I go back to look at the vehicle.

Switching in and out of 4L has always been clunking and delayed, but I hardly ever need it. The transfer case was rebuilt about 9 months ago. I have not had any other problems with the transmission or transfer case. When I rotate the 4WD switch between the 3 positions, the appropriate dash light comes on.

What things can I check in the field to diagnose this problem before I have to tow it back to town? Reading other threads makes it seem that this problem is likely in the transfer case and that I can check the position of a switch.