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Stuck Spark Plug boots


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September 29, 2008
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96 Eddie Bauer
Went to change the spark plugs on my 96 E.B. 5.0

took the drivers side wheel off to get easier access (horrible freakin design by the way).

There they were in front of me... start with the easy one on the far right...

grab the boot...


tried the others also.

same thing.


It took me 25 minutes to finally get the boot off of one and change the plug.

Had stuff to do so I couldn't continue but I was hoping some of you had some ideas of how to get the boot off easier. AS you all know there is not a lot of room to get hands in and really pull it off.

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pull real hard,, , and twist at the same time,, and while you are at the plugs it would seem it might be time to get wires too, if the boots are that hard than the wires will be tooo, prolly time for a change,,,

how many miles ????

140k roughly

God knows when anything was done last.

I was tryignt o avoid the wires for now mainly because money is tight.

Well that and the set up of the engine makes it look like a real pain in the ass.

My CJ7 was so much easier to work on!


TWIST the boot. Pulling will get you nowhere.


Joe is right. The only way to break them loose is to get the boot turning. I gently used a set of channel locks on them. I did have a set of wires, though, so if I did ruin themit was no big deal.

You might find this article interesting:
This tool comes in handy:

i have a set of those too, they work good, ,

Hey thanks for the help guys.

I just wonder if that tool will work witht he akward placement of the plugs and wires (through the wheel well) of the '96 5.0?

Any one have experience with that?

With those stupid heat shields around the spark plugs I doubt it.

By the way I removed the damn heat shields on mine. It makes getting the spark plug socket on the plug and removing the plug boots much easier.

I had to remove the heat shields as well, on mine.