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Stuck Torsion Bar - Help!


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December 20, 2007
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I need some advise on how to remove the torsion bar from the lower control arm.

I have to replace the lower arm as the truck was driven with the lower ball joint running loose up against the C-clip and reamed out the hole. I have got the entire assembly off but cannot get the torsion bar out. I have tried the 5ton gar puller auto zone loans but I could not get it to hook on to anything remotely safe or strait to put any real pressure on it.

Any and all suggestions are welcome as the truck is on stands until I get this done.

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You should just be able to remove the adjuster bolt, the upper control arm and the shocks. The torsion bar should just fall out at that point.

I've got the whole thing out and off the truck the adjusters, lower arm and the bar. I cannot get the bar out of the suspension arm though. I am starting to think it might be due to 9 years of rust. I just don't want to have to buy new bars also. There must be a way to separate the 2.

Soak it with PB blaster for an hour or so to break any rust free. If you have a big chisel put it in the front of the control arm and smash it with a hammer to push the bar out.

1 vise
1 12" chunk of 3/4" pipe

put the arm in a vise-tortion bar hanging down
place the pipe on the torsion bar end and hit it with the Hammer for all you are worth. It will come out. It might take 100 whacks, but it will move--

Done with this step at least.

Well the PB Blaster, vice, pipe, sledge hammer (2,5,25lb), blood, sweat, crushed finger, and trucker mouth did not work!:mad:

But a 4" grinder, 3 cut off wheels and a pipe wrench sure did!!! :p: Cut and pried the control arm off and the torsion bar fell right out. Poor control arm, maybe I can use the pieces for a light boat anchor come spring.:D

Thanks for the idea's and suggestions!