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Stumble on acceleration


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June 28, 2004
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97 Mountaineer
Just started happening. Was pretty bad the first day it happened, so I tried some dry gas as I had just filled up. It seemed to help a little, but it still feels like something is binding. Especially bad at low RPM's under load. No miss at idle. I'm currently on another tank from a different station and it's still there. Front U-joint has a little play in it. I'm going to try a new fuel filter next, and then a complete tune up (still has OEM plugs). When this happened in my 89 RX7, it was the front U-joint, but that thing had some serious play in it.
97 Mountaineer 5.0 93K

Maybe you should try a Sea Foam treatment.

Good luck.....

Angus, I had a problem with my '92 that turned out to be spark plug wires.
Under hard acceleration, with the rpm's below 2000, it would jerk and hesitate until the rpm's got above 2000. It would idle fine. After changing the O2 sensor and fuel filter and checking sensors, and fuel pressure and finding everything good, I replaced the wires with my old OEM set and the problem cleared up immediately. Funn thing is, the wires looked fine and continuity checked fine, so somehow one or two were breaking down under hard acceleration.


Spark plugs. I had a stutter on acceleration and changed my plugs to Bosch Platinums and it's gone. It could also be your TPS. I had similar problems until I changed that, as well.