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Stumbling A4LD transmision

Trans Axle

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September 30, 1999
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I have a 92 XLT w/144,000 miles,well maintained and tranny fluid changed regularly. The problem is when cruising down the highway at 65 whether with cruise control or not and I come to a upgrade the tranny seems to stumble.Its fine on level ground at about 1800 r.p.m. but when climbing slight grade and accelerating to 2000-2200 r.p.m. you can feel it slumble.When you Accelerate to about 3000 r.p.m. it down shifts to 3rd (drive) and back up into overdrive fine. I tried it in Drive at highway speed and it was fine,no stumbling.Could it be that it is not downshifting properly or is the tranny slipping and if so is there a way to adjust the bands on it like the C3 and C6
and would this help so that I can get another year out of it so I can buy a newer Explorer.

Thanks for any help,

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You sure its the trans, and not the engine misfiring under load? Sometimes an engine misfire will make it seem like that, and you wouldn't necessarily hear anything from the engine either. Try running some fuel systaem cleaner through your engine.