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Stumbling after cold start - '00 Ex / 5R55E

September 13, 2004
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Hi All,

'00 Ex , 5R55E, v-6 SOHC. Now that cold weather is upon my area, I'm finding that the first time I press the accelerator after startup I'm getting a good deal of hesitation. If I keep pressing down it will start going, but feels like it wants to go back to sleep for a while. It does'nt die, but seems really weak the first time the gas is pressed.

83k on it, throttle body cleaned recently. Idles well after cold startup and after warmup..

Where should I start looking?

search for intake manifold O rings

orings is the solution!

ape . . had the same problems in my 99 sohc. . went to ford last week and bought the OOM12 kit from them for 45 bucks. . takes about 3 hours and whaaaaaaaalaaaaaaaaaaaaa no more stumbles. . be sure to change the chain tensioner as well. . it comes with the kit. . . well worth it. . . .dont let this scare you its not as bad as it seems. . ..alot cheaper to do it yourself. . .