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Stupid Electrical system


January 2, 2006
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Well I have a couple stupid things happening with my electrical system. They aren't major, just real annoyances.

In the overheard console I have the 2 map lights, temp guage and compass. Well, every now and then I get in the truck, the lights come on as normal, but when I close the door, one of the lamps stays on and sometime I have to press the button several times before it will actually turn off.

Now for the other problem. I have 3 switches on the panel for the sunroof. The top one is a momentary switch that closes the roof. The next one down either pops it up or opens it depending on the direction I move it. The last one is labels ASC, which I have heard is the "Automatic Sunroof Closer" switch that is suppose to close the sunroof when I turn the truck off. Well, The popup/opening switch seems to work fine. The momentary will only work if I pop or open the sunroof first, then move it the other way, then I can use it to close the sun roof correctly. The ASC doesn't work at all.

I have no schematics of the wiring or circuitry for any of this. Anyone have an idea how to fix these or where to get the diagrams for all these? Thanks

Hey neighbor, have you been enjoying the good weather we have been having?

Yeah I tried that when I read your post about the windows. It is basically the same drawings that are in the Hane's and/or Chilton's books. There is nothing that shows sunroof controls or overhead console stuff. I even have the ford repair manual and there is nothing that I have found so far in that. I may have to see if maybe ford can help me out with the information. Thanks, Mark