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Stupid Question: Dual HID kits in one housing..Can it be done?

Ok so I've already installed a set of diamond clear headlights and single beam 50w HIDs but I was wondering if I could drill a hole in the side of the housing and add another HID bulb to use as a highbeam. Or drill two holes opposite each other and add some 150W H3 bulbs? Is it possible and would it add a significant amount of usable light? Let me know what you think as I plan on doing this soon.:thumbsup: :thumbdwn:
Thanks, 91

If you want to upgrade to hid high and low get on ebay and search for a seller called Retro-solutions

The kit ive got bookmarked is a bixenon 55w digital ballast kit with a lifetime warranty for. 179$

And he's in conneticut not china

When I get around to it I'm definetley(sp) gonna buy from them.

Thanks for bringing Retro-Solutions to my attention. They have some excellent products and they're the only supplier offering 55W HID systems.
Since they're in my home state, I don't have to worry about warranty repair/shipping cost. The 55W kit ought to be bright enough to let me drive safely, even with the low output reflectors that the Explorer accomodates.
Going to order them as soon as possible.