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Stuttering Issues


July 15, 2011
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2002 4.6L Exploder
Upon idle, my 2002 limited v8 explorer starts to stutter and at times did stall. It gave me codes and a service engine icon on the dash. The codes were for the o2 sensor and some bank codes. Which neither were the issue, i found the fix, it was the pcv hose, the elbow had a hole in it. I replaced that it it was good to go. Drove fine for a few months.

Now, another issue has arose. It stutters when idle, sometimes enough to stall. And upon accelerating, it sometimes hangs for split second and stutters and a chime comes from the dash, but no lights come up on the dash. No codes, even when checked by a pro scantool. I changed the IAC and the pcv valve. It worked, no issues for 2 weeks. I take the explorer out today, and the same issues are back. Where should i start? No codes again. Ive cleaned the TB, cleaned the MAF and visually inspected the other hoses.

Should also mention, it has about 180,000km. And the plugs have all recently been changed. I may try to replace the fuel filter, don't think that's been done for a long time.

Another thing I noticed when I took it around the neighbourhood is a rotten egg smell.

Another thing I noticed when I took it around the neighbourhood is a rotten egg smell.

Is the rotten egg (sulfur smell) coming from the neighborhood or the vehicle? If the smell is coming from the vehicle, you should head to an exhaust shop and have them check your catalytic converters, because that smell is a telltale sign, and your o2 sensors and performance issues are also in line with a clogged cat.