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Sub/Amp combo ?


July 14, 2002
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Garden City, New York
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'92 Sport
Ok I have a Sony XM-752EQX Amp and I was wondering if it can power two Sony XS-L101P5 Sub's.

The Specs for Amp:
Rated Output:
75 Watts per channel @4 Ohms 0.04% THD
100 Watts per channel @ 2 Ohms 0.1% THD
200 Watts bridged @ 4 Ohms 0.1% THD
Maximum Output:
170 Watts per channel @ 4 Ohms
420 Watts bridged @ 4 Ohms
Speaker Impedance:
2-8 Ohms Stereo
4-8 Ohms Mono (Bridged)

The Spec's for Sub's:
Frequency Response: 18 - 2.5k Hz
RMS Power: 80 - 300W
Peak Power: 1100W

So if someone can tell me if it can handle two that would be great. If it can't handle two I'll just get one. Thanks for the help.

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if its only a 2 channel then just get 1 sub and bridge it

well u have to know if the subs are 4 ohm or 2ohm or what they are first..but if they are 2ohm subs u wont be hitting there max obviously but if u build the box right get the amp optimal ground and power with no chatter on the RCAs u will be suprised at what they can do that will give u enough thump to rattle ur nose ( that takes alot =)) i mean if u want some HUGE bass obviously u will need more but it turn heads and make people think u have dropped some $ on ur system

Thanks guys I ordered my stuff today. Only got one sub, maybe when I get a good job and I'm out of college I can get some nice stuff tll then I'll live. Thanks Again

it doesnt really take a whole lot of money to make something u are proud just depends on how proud u want to be lol either like 300$ for 5k lol

its all in how motivated you are to build it the way you want to

Originally posted by expo5.0
its all in how motivated you are to build it the way you want to