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sub box question


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March 15, 2004
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I built a dual sub false floor box for my 98 blazer sport. Well I need a way to get my wiring into the box so do you think it would be ok to run a piece of pvc tubing through one of the sub chambers from the outside of the box to the amp storage area of the false floor? I ask this cause my sub portion of the box is in the front near the back seats so I need to go through that area with my wiring so i could use the pvc as a conduit and silicone the ends real good to not let air leak in. will this work?

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just drill a hole, put the wire through, and then silicone the hole closed.

you could do that, use some silicone and such for sealant....

got any pics this sounds interesting, how big is this false floor?

its 37 inches wide , 30 inches long and 8 inches tall, holds 2 ten inch subs plus a storage area for tools and the amps. I will try to get some pics soon

please do get some pics, im thinking about something sorta similar...

i would be concerned about the PVC fumes hurting the subs. I know the fumes from undried silicone can prematurely wear out subs. Maybe research the fumes of PVC, like i said im not positive, but id check it out a little, especially in a sealed enclosure

umm pvc gives off fumes when Its not doing anything? Then why do we use it in our homes, plumbing and such?? lol...

As for the caulk fumes, kinda right, fumes from SOME kinds of caulking, when not set, can eat away at certain types of surrounds, usually untreated foam varieties...

about the caulking... I put the caulking on the seams of my box yesterday evening and it still wasant totally set up today. Does this stuff take awhie to completely dry?

another question.. shoud I put foam or something inside the sub chambers of my box for sound quality or anything?

does'nt sound like a false floor, just a big box....

mechanic021 said:
another question.. shoud I put foam or something inside the sub chambers of my box for sound quality or anything?

sealant - depends on which brand/quality you use, I use the best silicone there is and it's tack free in 30 minutes and dry in 2 hours, fumes are almost non existant. but there are other ones that are generally cheaper and take up to 2 days to fully dry, you pay for the inconvience.

also, a while back, to fix a friend of mine's 10" brahma foam surround I researched to check and found out from Dan Wiggins that any kind of pure silicone sealants are fine on today's foam and rubber surrounds, so I went out got the 24hr curing top of the line black silicone sealant II tube for like $4-5 from home depot or lowes, I applied it to the hole inside and out, on the sub's surround and a day and a half later it was dry and it moved without stretching out the hole after that.

just wanted to mention that since it's true that as long as it's arcylic free and just silicone you can use it on today's surrounds or near the subwoofers.

as for foam... thats a matter of box size and power of the subs, get us some pics and most of us could say if foam/polyfill (better) would be useful or not. chances are that it won't make any sound difference.

hows it not a false floor it covers my entire cargo area its gonna be covered in carpet to match the truck there is storage in it you can carry items on it sounds like a false floor to me

just an update, I got the box done and installed. It sounds great I will try to get some pics soon.