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Sub Box Question


April 5, 2004
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South Yarmouth, MA
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1999 Explorer Sport
I purchased 2 Kenwood 12" subs and I now need a box to put them in. I'm gonna install them in the cargo area but I still use the area for carrying skis, etc. occasionally. My question is what would you recommend in terms of a box that would protect them the best? Or I was thinking about making a plywood box to put over the sub box for when I'm transporting things...what has anyone done in terms of sub protection?

well if you get a big bandpass box that will protect the subs the most, but you won't be able to carry much back there. Or you could just use a downward fireing sealed box. Basically just a regular sealed or ported box that sits on 2 wood blocks upside down, that way the subs are not exposed. The latter is the one i would probably reccomend to you.

id say almost any box would work just make sure you pur grills over the speakers, in one of my trucks i took 2 of the waffle style covers and x'ed them to protect it, the ciovers are cheap like 5-10 bucks at an audio shop. and they will know what grills im talking about.