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Sub in Cargo cubby


March 8, 2005
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Sacramento, CA
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2002 Explorer Sport
Has anyone added a sub in that cubby on the right side of the cargo area behind the wheel well? I'm thinking of putting a 10" sub back there, as well as changing out the 4 stock speakers. I would like to keep the origional head unit to maintain the stock look. Just wondering if anyone has any experience or pics to share.

2002 Explorer Sport

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If you are upgrading the rest, I'd highly recommend upgrading the H.U. The stock H.U. definitely won't let the sub/speakers play at full potential. Yes, people have added a sub there. Do some searching on the site and you'll find that there are a few companies that make a sub that goes right in there. ;)

Some of the higher end models of the X had a stock sub in there, but I've seen companies on ebay that make a mold for lack of better words that will let you install one right there.

I have done this already. Very easy just time consuming. I have a JL 10" in a stealth box. It fit perfect. I have also mounted an amp on the other side where the jack is. If you look below you will see the link to my X. I have some pictures in there. If you need more let me know.


I have a ton of new pictures that I need to put on the site. Lots of upgrades completed

I believe MTX Thunderform used to make one as well....


Jl audio made one like this

My MTX in my old truck.


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Or you could build a box yourself...not that hard to do.

IAmTodd said:
My MTX in my old truck.

Do you know what the measurement for the depth of the MTX box is?

Actually nevermind I was able to find the measurement. New question though. How deep is the cubby?

Its pretty much flush with the trim, and goes the whole way back to the body panel. So it just fits. I put some peel and seal behind mine and fit quite snuggly.

briwayjones said:
The sub enclosure is 6" deep, so the cubby is 6" deep also?

I would say pretty damn close. But don't take my word on it.

if you guys search on ebay today, i saw someone selling a used thunderform for $150 'buy it now'.
i'd put the link, but it would only be good for a day or two.