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Sub issue


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March 3, 2009
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Oklahoma City, OKlahoma
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'99 Explorer Sport
Well yesterday I put a new HU in and retuned amp as always used a 40Hz tone as always, well today I put in 10gauge wire in just the box, and it was a tremondous difference, enough to make me retune amp, in the process, I toushed the sub for whatever reason(oh yeah it just sounded different than usual, pulled it out, had an awful faint smell. When I turned it over I thouched the bottom coil on it (Power Acoustik PW3-15H) it was HOT... so it's been pulled tpo let cool down, and will be retuning amp, when it cools.

Anyone know what caused this?

You were over powering, possibly, What ohm load were you running it at?

I don't know how I'd be overpowering it, that just seems, odd, maybe gain was to high all I can think of, ohm load was 4 ohms, bridged on a kenwood KAC-7202, 460watts @ 4ohm stable bridged, and sub Power Acoustik PW-15H 900Watts RMS, my guess and only thing I can think of is if gain was too high.