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September 14, 2004
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Cincinnati, OH
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95 explorer eb
I have a 95 explorer eb with the jbl audio sytem in it and just recently the 8" factory sub went out. Would my factory amp be able to push, maybe a 10" aftermarket sub without any problems? Im kinda new with car audio so any input is much appreciated.

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you're lookin at 85watt rms, and in the world of subs, that isn't all that much. to add to that, you have to get a 10" to fit back there. unless you were planning on modifying the stock box to fit a 10" (which would still require a very shallow sub imho), you'd need a new box.

I have my factory 10'' setup with amp for sale at the moment. You should be able to wire it up easily because its only a 4 wire setup. You also could buy my setup, sell the amp and use your existing amp on my box and sub for it to work without modification ;)

Thank alot, im just tryin to find away to replace some bass that i once had, you can only go with highs for so long. I think im just gonna get a new box and run off the factory amp. thanks man..