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Sub replacement


March 8, 2001
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San Antonio, TX
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98 EB
I own a 98 EB, and i guess it has the MACH audio system. It has the full tape/cd/radio HU, and a 8" sub in the back. Well this weekend the sub blew. I took off the plastic panel, and took off the grill and foam padding on the sub, and i found out that the thin foam ring that basically seals the sub completely broke off. The amp seems to be fine too. What I'm wondering is how do I go about removing the sub itself from the black enclosure? I unscrewed all the screws, and it only turns clockwise/cc. It seems as though if i try to pry or pop it out, something will break. Do i have to replace the entire enclosure (including the amp) or can I just replace the sub itself. I dont have too much money, so please don't suggest that $299-450 mtx enclosure :)


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in my 96 it just comes out after you take out the screws, so maybe its just kinda sticky and you have to pull harder?

I tried prying it from 3 angles at the same time with screwdrivers...and it doesnt want to come out. im wondering if its a double seal or something

The woofer should come out easily once the four screws are out, but you can't take the enclosure out by just taking off the grill. In order to take the whole enclosure out, you need to take the rear quarter panel off. Since you have an 8" sub, just go out and buy a new one and put it in the factory box. It's more economical that way, IMO.

billy what hes trying to say is he cant get the sub out of the actual enclousure. hes got off the quartet panel, he just cant get the sub out of the box.

Yea, I've gotten the sub cover off (beige plastic that covers the hole) by just popping it out. That exposes 70% of the enclosure, but mainly the sub. There are ~ 8 screws (9/32 hex) that i removed, then i had to kind of pop the sub grill off. Now the sub is completely exposed, with no screws holding it in. From here i tried to pry it out, but that doesnt seem to work. I want to have it out so i can see how deep of a sub the enclosure allows, so i can purchase one that will fit. If anyone has any kind of diagram or knowhow of this, please let me know.


on the 96 there is only 4 screws and they are just at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o' clock under the foam padding circle thats around the circumfrence of the sub. your 98 is probably just different but maybe this will help a little.