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Subs in rear hatch WITH PICS


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May 11, 2001
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92' XL
Ok, now I know non of ya'll is gona read all this crud I have to say but WTF? Anyway, I wanted to have a good sytem that could bump a little if I wanted but I really wanted really good sound but I had a set of 12" polks in a box that took up my whole trunk space. I got tired of that so after that got stolen ( I now have an alarm and a repainted passanger door ) I decided that it was time to get creative. DId the measurments, got the fberglass and sat down and went to work. it went real slow cause I am lazy, but know that I know what the heck I am doing this project could be done pretty quickly and it really didnt cost that much. Sorry that I didnt manage to shoot any contruction pics but hey, what can I say. All I can tell you is it wasnt easy. It looks very close tp professional I think, most people ask where I got it done. enought here is the basics:

Contruction- a buttload of fiberglass front, fiberglass over high density plywood (stronger than fiberboard) for the buckets that the speakers sit into. I had to cut two large hols in the tailgat metal and bend the pushrods back so that the locks still work just fine. I choose to ditc the windshild wiper since i never used it, could have kept it but too much extra work. Its all covered with a 3M stretch carpeting that made the upostry really easy.

Sound- the sound is outa this world! some how I dont have a single thing on my car that rattles, not even the tail-gate, The whole mess is two MTX - 10"s powered by an MTX class D amplifier hidden behind that diamond tread panel you see. It bumps way harder then my two polk twelves with the same amp. and sound really reaking good. best of all I only had to give up 2 and 1/4 inches of trunk space to meet the proper air volume. So far the only problem is that the whole mess weights too much and the struts just barly dont hold it all up, still have the window and if I open both to couter the weight it will stay open on its own with no problem.

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I can't wait to see this! This topic has been discussed before and the general concensus was that it would not work. Get that pic working! :p

I'm impressed. That looks very good

That look sweet, great job!! I've tought about doing something like that, but wasn't sure how it would sound. I've got two 12" MTX 6000 subs looking for a better home. Do you think I fit them without to much of a hassle? Too bad you didn't take any construction pictures, I would have loved to see those. Why did you cover the entire hatch instead of just the enclosure?

You could easily make the same encloser for 12's but the only real problem with 12's is getting the right air volume I remember figuring the dimentions for that and it would have to be at least 3 inches deep and be more square but it would fit pretty eaily I think.

I debated not coveringing the entire hatch but here is the deal, the thing was made off the original plastic trim and the plastic went all the way around the window and I descided that it looked better to cover the whole thing than to just do the lower half.

Looks awesome and I'm glad it doesn't rattle! See about beefing up those hatch supports though, cause you don't want the hatch falling on you and the speakers one day.

Yeah, I remember that some one had written a post on those fallin off or somthing, hmmm, thanks for reminging me, I had forgotten about, that, better bust out the welder.

get some strong actuators and a relay for your alarm. nothing better then a motorized hatch;)

Wow, that's pretty unique! Looks professional, you should be proud.

That looks awsome. One thing I would be worried about though is shutting that hatch too hard. I don't know aoubt yours, but my X hatch takes quite the slam to shut all the way.

man that is some great work, that is the first time I have witnessed anything like that done in an explorer, Great work man.

DAMN AMAZING!!! Thats all I can say!! I always wondered what it would look like and how it would work out, its good to hear that you have had success! Truely show quality!! Add some tweed or what have you flames stitched in to the box and you got yourself one hell of a set up!!

Damn. You should sell those. I would buy one. :)

as for the hatch falling.. mine fell on my head one day. It sucked. Turned out there was a recall on them at one point and they renfroced them....


Really great work!!! I wish I could be creative enough to make s**t like that.

yeah so i think what you've done is sooo kewel. ive been wanting to do something like that for a long time, but never had anyone to help me... are you single?... uuuhh... i mean available to help me with my speakers... you sound really hot.. uhhh..i mean nice and smart... get back to me on that okie???

that looks GREAT. :thumbsup: if you could use your truck as a template you could probably make a few bucks off that thing. since you have one done you could make a mold and sell them on ebay.

once again great job.

I would buy one if it was within reason.

Gr8 work. That looks really good. :thumbsup:

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WOW that is amazing...You must be a fiberglass GOD! I like your ashtray thing, I may try to do something similar for my cd changer remote...Great job!