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subs keep playing when volume is down


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February 7, 2004
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'98 Explorer Sport
My friend just installed his subs and when he turns the volume down the speakers turn down but the subs keep playing. How do we fix it?

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strange....what does he run?

check the remote wire. if it isnt all the way connected and ,might be gettin bad signals. Also is it when he turns the music all the way down? -TJ

It's possible that he has the gain turned up too high on the sub amp.

He has 2 JL w0 tens on a clarion cd player. and a pioneer 760 amp.

which output on the headunit did he use when running the RCAs from his headunit to his amp?

760 truewatts? or 760 max power?

He fixed it, he wired it wrong somewhere.