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February 9, 2000
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'95 Limited
I was wondering if it is possible to disconnect the factory amplifier and subwoofer and install my own amp and sub? If it is possible, and it will sound alright... then I am looking at adding either one or two Infinity Perfect 10's with an Alpine V12 amplifier. Does anyone know if there is enough room underneath the back seat to mount an amplifier?

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Have you installed an aftermarket radio yet?..If so, does it have pre-out jacks? How many? What kind of amp do you want to get? Look into the JL's nasty...It will sound good. The only problem I foresee is this: If you haven't made any other modifications, your other components will sound bad in comparison. It is not they will sound bad perse, but you sub will sound so good, it will point out the subtle shortcomings of your factory speakers, head unit, etc.. Regardless, you will have to run power wire, a remote wire and RCA's...My personal advice is to get a decent head unit, some good components up front and some coax in the rear, a JL stealthbox and a 5 channel will JAM. I install car stereos, so if you have any questions just let me know. Hope this helped a bit.


My Explorer has the premium stereo option. Thus, it already has an amp and a sub, I just want to replace it with a slightly, how should I say it. Well, a sub that won't blow out when I turn the stereo up. The amp, I am not sure what the continuous power out is, but I would like to get one that runs about a hundred watts less than the sub I am going to get. The sub maxes at 500 Watts, so I would like a 400 Watt amp. Thanks for your time.

MTX makes a rear exclosure just like the JL ones, check em out


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JL Audio Stealth Box
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Although you have a stock amp in the Explorer, I do not think it has RCA outputs. I know the '91-'94's don't so remember you will have to figure out how to connect the amp to the stock head unit. Crutchfield has adapter modules for this type of installation. And should be able to fit 1 10" behind the rear panel with some modification but not 2 10's. I don't know if that's what you were planning but just to let you know there isn't that much room back there. I do belive there is enough room in the 95+ Explorers to mount an amp under the rear seat. But it all depends on the size of the amp. I know there is almost no room under the '91-'94's

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I mounted an Infinity 5-channel amp under my rear seat. It's as long as the longer portion of the split seat, and it fit with no problem.



Infinity 5 ch amp...

Is your Infinity amp model # 255A ?
If so, how do you like it? I have Kappa components in all four stock locations and am hoping to add a 10" Kappa or Perfect sub.
I've been droolin' for one of these amps but I keep shopping for a better deal. In Crutchfield, they're $400 on sale. Mike tell me you found a better price on yours???

Also, anyone ever do business with TMS Electronics on the net? They seem to have great prices but I'd like to get a feel for the business before I buy.


Yup, that's the 255A I have. I love it. It sounds teriffic, has built in crossovers, and I loaded the sub channel down to three ohms to get 350 watts out of that one channel. I got it for $290 at the local Harman Audio outlet. I got really, really lucky; I just happened to wander in, and it was the last one they had. The guy had to go searching around in the storage room for like half an hour to find it. This thing retails for close to $1000 I think.



TMS Electronics

I bought a pair of 6x8's there recently. They came in like 4 days no problem. The only thing I didn't like is they didn't send me a confirmation email or anything like that so I really couldn't tell if they got my order. Otherwise it was fine. There prices are really good though.

Thanks, mrsteve....

I'm looking at getting my sub there.
They have a deal if your order is over $100 and you pre-pay with a Money Order, shipping is free.
I'll go on that, but like you, I prefer having a "firm" record of my transaction, especially when I've made payment and am "hanging out" on receiving the goods...

stock sub amps have rca's

stock amps have rca's i might be 15 but i know i work in a junkyardand in it i got a old sub and the amp out of a 96 eddie bauer explorer the amp is simple the power and speaker come out the one side and on the other side there is one set of wires that come out of a single connector. that commector has three wires ansd the three wires are the rca's but to make the work u will need a old wire cause i found a old head unit that has a set of rca;s and i ripped it odd and soddered it on to the little amp and im planninon makin it into a little truck asub but explores taht have the factory sub have rca's thank u very much

Maybe in the newer models there are RCA's but as I stated the '91-'94's do not. There are a group of wires that run to 1 amp and plug in using a wiring harness and then 2 other wires run to the second amp for the stock sub. These wires are just ordinary speaker wire. I am in the middle of an install in my '93 and yesterday I removed the stock amps and the stock sub. Wow that was really easy just 4 or 5 bolts and the whole thing comes off. I am gonna take some pictures of the entire install once everything is finished. I'll post them in a week or two once everything is done. So like I said before the '91-'94 Explorers with the JBL system do not have RCA cables. "Thank You U Much!!"

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