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August 1, 2002
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New Milford, CT
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'97 XLT
What's the best way to add a subwoofer to the factory system? I have the Premium (not JBL\Mach) system
with a CD changer.

To get one of those sub/amp combos that fit in the mesh pocket in the rear of your x. I can't remember if they make them for your 97 but I am pretty sure that they do. That is the easiest way to add a sub. And also this, once you get one you are going to get addicted to this hobby so think about every mod you make, you will probably end up going bigger and more powerful. Also welcome to the site.

I put in a Q-Logics 8" subwoofer box in place of my factory cubby hole (same place the JBL subwoofer goes). I got it from Crutchfield for about $180. I installed an 8" Rocford Fosgate 8" Punch subwoofer in it for another $60. I completed it by adding a 1X150 W amplifier for another $50. I used two wires between the factory HU and the factory amplifier to get the input signal from. I Used one wire from each rear channel and fed them into the speaker inputs on the amplifer. I enabled the low-pass built in electronic crossover on the amplifer. I mounted my amplifer behind the rear passenger side speaker (this can only be done on Sports) leaving the controls accessible through the speaker opening when the speaker is removed.

The rest of my system consists of 4 5"X7" Kenwood 2-way speakers in the factory locations with a pair of tweeters wired in parallel to the front door speakers.

My system sounds much better than the original sound. Unfortunately I have discovered all sorts of things behind the rear panel that like to vibrate with the increased bass. My seat-belt mechanisms are the worst. The plastic gears inside the mechanisms vibrate badly on even low volume bass.