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subwoofers work then stop


June 5, 2005
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Monroe, CT
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'97 XLT Explorer
installing subwoofers myself has been the biggest pain in the ass thing ive ever done, ive had so many problems im thinking of just leaving them in my trunk not working. i have a setup where there is a stock amplifier in the trunk so i had to setup my rca converter cables behind that and withought the proper tools to take the seatbelt off it made for a really tight squeeze to get in but i finnally got everything held together BARLY with some electrical tape. Eventually one of the speakers went out, so i assumed the speaker cables got disconnected somewhere and i needed to go back sodder the wires at some point. So today i finnally did it, all the speakers are working fine now... but the subs dont! sometimes one will work, it will go in and out of working, and then it will stop and the light on the amp goes from green to red. When first hooking up my system i blew a fuse immidiatly as the subwoofers starting working as they should and a guy that used to do custom installs at a local shop told me i had to small of gauge power wire. Another thing is the fact that the amplifier and the subwoofers had both been in a really bad accident so im thinking maybe they were just held on by a strand and died out on me. Would a lack of power because of the wrong gauge cause this problem, or are my subs just broken.

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i do think power wire might have a play in it. i had like an 8 guage and knew i needed to upgrade so i went with 4 guage until i could find some 0/1 guage wiring because i have a pretty large system. i think that the wiring probably would not have as much of an effect though because you said that one sub comes on every now and then. well if it were the wire then when one sub came on, both would have. i think your amp is junk. i would get a new one.

tore everything apart, redid all the connections, it turns out one of the wires behind one subwoofer was nearly nocked out in the crash and after a few hard bass hits or some rough driving it fell out. now they both work and i guess ill get a bigger gauge wire just to be safe. i cant belive i installed this thing not working, and fixed one problem at a time untill everything worked, and i cant belive there were so many damn problmes. next time im leaving this to the pros

lol its supposed to be a learning experience... :rolleyes: just be glad it was something stupid and you fingered it out! :D