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Success story-No start when hot.


December 13, 2010
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The woods, Central Wisconsin
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'99 Sport XLT
My 4.0L 6 cy Ranger would not restart on the hottest days.
Fuel pressure would be good, but spark became magically non-existent.
Gas mileage excellent, smooth idle, no trouble codes. Perfect running vehicle otherwise.
My problem was a water temp sensor was dead shorting when I turned off the motor and stopped on the hottest days. Tough to spot a problem when the thing runs perfect, pull in to a gas station and Bam. Nothing. The starter would spin the motor all day, plenty of fuel pressure, no spark.

Two hours later, start up and drive away.
All it needed was a new coolant temp sensor.

I hope this helps someone in the future. I thought I would post a cheery solution to a nasty problem. It was hidden, since other things seemed to solve the problem, but only because time passed and the fluid cooled while the Ranger was setting. The sensor would cool off, stop shorting, and the computer then allowed the motor to have spark and away I would go.

It never conked out the engine while driving. It would only refuse to start while just stopped on the hottest days.

...Nice job on finding a solution...:biggthump

..Btw...What year Ranger?

It was made in December of 1995. Has a mighty 195,000 miles.
The motor is the OHV. I have not been deeper than the intake manifold gaskets into the motor. It has even compression, about 150 psi across the average.