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Suggestions for window tint?


August 30, 2010
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'99 XLT
Someone had the brilliant idea of breaking out my car window and trying to steal my stereo this morning so I figured since I'm gonna have to have the new window retinted anyways, I'd go darker than the stock "solar tint" on the front windows. I was wanting to just match the rear windows. (It has the "privacy glass" if that makes any difference) I had also heard that it should be a little darker in the front because of light coming in from the windshield. Being in Texas it gets very hot during the summer and I figured some darker tint would help that. I'll probably take it up to a local tint shop and have it done but I was just wondering what would look the best.

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Ya, that's probably what I'll do. The tint laws here are 25% front and back. Rear Window can be any %.

I got mine tinted 15% on the front two and 5% on all the back. I wish now that I would have matched the front to the rear better. I have the privacy glass on the back as well. If i get them retinted I will get refelctive on the front to hopefully match the back. But definitely try and get the front to match the back!

I think after a certain year they stopped putting the reflective tint on. My privacy glass just looks like normal tint to me so there shouldn't be a problem with that.

I wish I had that. Mine is extremely reflective and does not match the front wahtsoever, but with 5% and the 'privacy' it might as well be 0% :)