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Sun Visor Disassembly


December 19, 2007
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1992 XLT A/T 4x4

I was going to Necro the post to get Dano!'s attention. The video is set to private.
Decided to just post a new one.

I want to know the "trick" to getting the pin out of bar where you unclip the visor to move it.

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extra info would be appreciated to explain your endeavor. first gen sun visor r/r requires 3 screws and a plastic squeeze connectction per side afik.

link involves 2nd gen, don't have any kowledge of that being different.
what is "pin" what is "bar" ?
your question may be more suited for a seperate part of forum.


hopefully this gets their attn but theyve been away a bit. echoing what childidenticant said

Dano last visited the forum in 2018...


This is the one. There is a metal pin that runs through two loops per flap, kinda locks that corner together.


This is the first side. I managed to somehow get the pin out of the first two loops, and broke one of the the other set.
I tried to do the same to the other side but cant seem to get it to move. I was hoping to find the magic in the video, and for some reason, I'm having trouble finding youtube videos for this.

The pin thickness measures: 2.4mm
Metal coat hanger: 2.2mm
Cut a short bit of coat hanger: 4"

Use a hammer, or some hard/solid mass, to tap the pin through the first two loops.

Then pull the plastic barrel off

After that I pulled the pin out the topside with needle nose pliers.

Its a bit of a pain, for this side anyway. I feel like the first side would have worked well with the coat hanger. I used several random nails and bolts, one the first one, and while I did not get the pin all the way, it moved the first time I tapped it, unlike the second one.

Getting them back together will be interesting. These pins are pointed on both ends (also why they are hard to get out. I think I will flatten one side of each to give me more of a surface to push against less likely to pop off to the side.

So far I am wondering if it would have been easier to just cut these out and replace them with a nail or something ...

Putting new fabric on them.
To Be Continued...