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Sun Visor Mirror Cover NO Longer Stays in Place


June 20, 2012
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2012 Ford Explorer
You guys know if there was a recall on the sun visors for 2012 Explorers? I have a Limited that came with the "Car2U" garage door system. Both the mirror covers on the driver and passenger side sun visors NO longer stayed in place. Each time you lowered the visor, even just a bit, the light would turn on. This was a little annoying. No big deal, I took it to the dealer and the service advisor ordered two new visors. I got them installed today. When I got home, I got the owners manual out, followed the instructions and tried to program the visor's "Car2U" button to work with my garage door. I could not get it to work no matter how many times I tried. I called the 800 number and sure enough, the lady immediately told me I had the "Homelink" system and NOT the "Car2U" system that I had before. The new visor only has 1 light instead of 3 individual lights for each button. She also claims that Homelink became available for 2013 Explorers and that I probably got a sun visor from a 2013 model. First off, let me tell you that the Car2U is so much easier to program. Second, I believe the dealer should intall original parts that came with the vehicle in the first place. The service advisor said he was looking into the issue and maybe try to order the right sun visor equipped with Car2u. My question is, do you guys prefer Homelink over Car2U?

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If you are only programming for late model garage door openers and have no need to program for gate openers, Car2U seems just fine.
If you do need to program for a gate and you have a transmitter, Homelink has a "learn" mode. That's the main differentiator for me.

Once you have access to your facility ID and Tx ID from your remote gate opener, Car2U becomes a simple, but not trivial, button pushing exercise. The contractors for some HOA gates seem to think you are a crook or something when you ask for it.

I just use them to program the garage door although I must admit I've wondered if I could program the TV remote into it. ;)
I had the Homelink in my previous Highlanders and the Car2U in the Explorer. I found them both equally easy to use/program.


Thanks for quick responses. I'm just trying to figure out why this new visor came with Homelink instead of Car2U. The service advisor called back and gave me the 800 number to Homelink and said they can help me program my garage door. In speaking with the service advisor over the phone, he swears he used my VIN number to order the sun visors. He doesn't know why the visor came equipped with Homelink instead of Car2U. He suggested that I call the 800 number, in case I wanted to keep the visor and use the Homelink system, otherwise, he said he was willing to order another visor with Car2U. Maybe I'm making a big deal, should I keep the visor with the Homelink?

Remember, the whole issue was the mirror lids, which became loose over a period of 4 months. These new mirror lids hold very nicely.

If you solve this mystery, we'll all be smarter. Seems like maybe some of the early 2013's came with Car2U, maybe most of the newer builds seem to have HomeLink. It’s only a theory at this point.

If you have restored functionality with the new HomeLink visors and they are not falling down on you anymore, I'd stick with the replacement visors...unless you feel slighted by the change and need some peace of mind. I have experience now with both systems. They are good reliable systems once you get either set up. I know that both have capabilities beyond how most of us use them. I plan to tinker with these extended capabilities later this fall. Anyone else controlling anything other than a grage door or gate?