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sun visor removal question


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April 14, 2008
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2005 explorer eddie bauer
Hello - I have a 2005 Explorer, Eddie Bauer, and am suffering from the common sun visor broken attaching plate problem. I went to the local u-pullit junkyard and found what looks like an identical visor from an 2003 Expedition. The Expedition visor came off easily. On my truck however, i removed the cover and the attaching plate fell down in pieces (no problem). I removed the 2 screws and pulled on the wire and it will not pull out enough to expose a connector like the Expedition did. I am wondering if there is one. Should I just cut and splice the new wires to the old wires or keep pulling hoping to find a connector.

Tried again this morning and after much tugging and pulling i was able to get the connector to just come out enough to separate the old and connect the new. I'm very glad the connectors are the same size. It is very nice to have a visor that stays where I put it! The old attaching plate literally was in 6 pieces when i removed the cover. I didn't buy the truck new and the visor was screwed up when i bought it so I wonder how much abuse the visor got from it's previous owner. thanks for your help.....shadester