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Sunday project, simple and cheap for anyone.


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March 17, 2012
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2005 ford explorer V6.
Went to the local junkyard about a month ago and bought these two work lights out of a late 80's chevy truck and a mid 90's chevy van. Ran me 20 bucks for the set but today i was able to find a little time to wire one up and see how it went. Not sure if anyone has done this but i didnt find a forum on it so i figured id make one. It will help for those who go wheeling at night or have unexpected night problems.. Anyways..

The parts you will need:
-the light found at the local junkyard in older chevys. runs about 10 bucks.
-spade connector
-various lengths of wire
-terminal lug
-3 small screws or bolts

Tools you will need:
-Wire stripper
-wire crimper
-screw driver
-small drill w/small bit or drimmel.

i mounted mime on top of my fuse box because its in a easy location and saved me from having to run wires through out the bay. Kept it clean and simple. This is what the light looks like that i used.


I used the drill with a bit a little smaller than the guide holes on the light fixture to create pilot holes for the screw to later hold it onto the fuse box lid. I drilled to smaller holes in the back of the fuse box to run the wires through. I ran the positive wire into one of the holes so it was in the fise box. I used a spade connector(female connector) and crimped it to the end of the positive wire.
I used a multimeter to find a open fuse slot that was always energized even without the key in the ignition. I used the female spade connector and connected it to that spot. Should really be just about any of them.
You can see in the picture where i ran them and to where, Used the tape to keep some tension on the wires so they were just hanging out the back. The second blue wire outside the box is the ground..

I crimped a terminal lug on the ground wire and ran it to a random bolt that was on the side wall of the engine bay.
Then just put the light ontop of the box and used the 3 pilot holes i made prior and ran the screws through them. Held pretty well. And well now your done. finished look is



One good thing is that the light is retractable and has about a 25ft length to it so you can pull it all the way to the back of the ex and then just roll it back up. I took a image of it just across the engine bay. Ill take another tonight to show you how long it is and how bright it gets. Nothing crazy special, or will make your car faster or more fuel efficient but could be useful in the crappy situations where you wish you had a light and try to use your cellphone backlight and act as if it works.. Just something you can do if you have a use for it. Enjoy. Thanks for reading!

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oh, nice! Thats one of the things i was thinking people could use them for. Im just using it for random things that i encounter at night. Plus to help when im working on random things. The explorer in that thread is awesome by the way!

Yeah one thing im noticing you all did them on older explorers so when i searched in the third gen threads none came up. Now i feel silly for making this.. ha but oh well. I thought about using a fuse but it doesn't pull enough to need one. The older chevys didnt have one from the looks of it when i removed it.

I did it on my third gen :) no need to feel silly it'll help people :thumbsup:

Ohh, ive noticed that one both links they were to older generations. But hopefully. Its a neat idea and with a 3k mile road trip coming up and knowing what happened last time this will help. Blown tire in the mountains, it was dark as hell. And the only flashlight my smart ass had was a mini mag light that sucked. this light is pretty bright!

I thought about using a fuse but it doesn't pull enough to need one. The older chevys didnt have one from the looks of it when i removed it.

The fuse is not for when it's working correctly but for when things go wrong. Since the light is mounted under the hood where water can get to it you have a potential for a short. The fuse is to protect your truck from damage. It would be well worth the small expense and time to put one in.
The original truck probably pulled it's power from a fused source, often it's hard to tell.

indeed, wasnt thinking in that perspective.. I have a few in my garage so it wouldnt be hard to install. Id just have to go by some splices later to put it in. When i took them off they had all the wiring still intact, conduit, and harness, etc. Didnt notice one but then again i dont look for one.. Ill just throw a quick one on there. Thanks for the catch though! May have saved me from a future catastrophe!


Not anymore. problem is fixed. No fires for me!