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Sunday wheeling 6-18-06


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So 2 of my buddies and I went wheeling yesterday at our favorite local spot. The other guy driving owns the Dodge 2500 (Hemi, 4" lift, custom rear bumper, 35" muds). The place pictured is one of the hundreds of acres of wheeling located in this specific area. Anyway, we spent about 3 hours playing in this washout, and got some pretty good pics. Here goes:




My favorite pic:



My whoops. I was going up the bank on the other side, started to spin, and my ass end slid around to the right, and I became wedged into the bank behind me.

Getting pulled out:

My buddy dragging his ghey nerf bars(I walked up this spot easily, took him about 8 tries)


And a little flex from the Dodge

All in all, on account of my shorter wheelbase and locker, I kicked his ass in this event. Oh yeah, if you didn't notice, I scored some 35" X-terrains and 15x10's for a wicked deal. They did very well for this type of stuff.

Edit: Also, I have a short video of me walking up the spot where the Doge was dragging, from the other direction. It should be up tonight.

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SAS'd Explorers are the shizzle. :smoke: :D

Ya *****. :D

You needed a strap to get out of that little gully???????

Looks like you all could have used a little rain.

warm ups over, come to virginia and we'll show you how to git-r-done. I could unlock the rear dif. and only lock one front hub and do this wash out. your not dragging unless one end/side is off the ground a least 5".

Yeah, I never said this was hardcore. It's around low to mid level on the difficulty scale. And the Dodge lifted a tire about 5" in one section. I think I may have video. I don't lift tires because mine flexes like mad. :D

The reason I couldn't get out of the ditch was because, well, for one, I was stuck on my bumper, and two, I had too much traction. Locker, mud tires, and hard dirt combined with a weak motor equals me not being able to power out of it. And, of course, 2wd.

We haven't had a good rain in about 2 months.

Doh! I just assumed it was 4wd cause it looks pretty pissed. Guess I should have read your info.