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Sunroof leak


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December 13, 2006
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Pearland Tx
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'02 Explorer Sport
bad leak in my sunroof, what can i do to fix it??

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well where is the leak? you say sunroof, but that could be through the weather stripping that seals against the glass, or the frame that installs into the roof of the explorer.

it shoudl be pretty simple. re-silicone/seal around the frame on the roof, or replace the weather stripping.

clear all weather house caulking worked great on my leaky sunroof and i live in oregon

I just gave my 1994 sunroof weather stripping a good cleaning and that stopped my leak.

I just gave my 1994 sunroof weather stripping a good cleaning and that stopped my leak.


I use ScotchGaurd on the rubber as a water repellent as well.

Not a bad idea to clean the drain at the same time.

Remove the glass and pour a glass of water into the channel around the edge of the sunroof hole. There are two drains. The water runs down inside the "B" Pillars and drips out just in front of the rear doors.

If they are clogged up be extremely careful trying to clean them out.
If you try to poke something sharp down the hole you are likely to puncture the soft rubber tubing inside the "B" Pillar. And even worse is trying to blow the clog out with compressed air. If the clog doesn't let loose the air pressure can blow the tubing right off the drain nipple. I have had good luck with hot water and a pipe cleaner. Stop pushing it into the drain hole if you feel resistance. Keep flushing it with hot water and gently probing for the clog. Once it flows freely keep it clean by flushing with warm water a couple of times a year.