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Sunroof lifter bent?


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I have the OEM flip up sunroof and when it rains hard it leaks around the bump out for the lifter. I pulled everything apart today, made sure the drains were clear, added some silicon to a few small tears and there is still a large gap at the rear.

I noticed the two prongs where the glass attaches to are arched up. Is this normal or has the clasp been bent at some point? I see it's cast so I'm afraid to attempt to bend it back as I need the truck for the next few days and can't afford any downtime. Below is a pic of what I'm talking about. Can anyone verify theirs is like mine or is it flat?


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I just looked at mine and it is flat.

Perfect! Thank you very much!

I'd still like to know how the PO bent that, yikes!

Ya, I have no Idea why anyone would need to put any pressure on it.

It's hard to say. The previous owners of this car were not sane so who knows. It's bent back and the outter seal seems to be sealing better but the inner one doesn't seem to be touching where it bumps out for the crank. We'll see if it leaks today, last night was awful.

It could have caught some big wind back when. I had a cab over camper that I got hit with a wind burst that lifted the front up Brock the turn buckle tie down and shoved the camper back a foot. My dad on his 5th wheel got hit one time and it pealed the whole side of his trailer so it’s not unheard of. one time riding my motorcycle I had an Explorer with our (I have one with that same sunroof) sunroof in front of me and off to one side by a 1/4 mile or more blow off its sunroof hit the freeway and shatter spraying me and others with its glass. Thank goodness for bike wind shields is all I can say!

Point is it could have been done by wind and it’s why I only use mine when I park to expel hot air but driving that sucker stay closed! Other option is maybe some one thought it was the ejection port to escape a bad back seat driver LMAO!

Hmmm back seat driver ejection seat now there’s a good accessory I need!!!!

The metal is quite soft and easy to bend. I would think even someone pushing on the glass could bend it. I have no fear with using it while in motion as most of the time the air will be passing over the glass and not catching it. I do plan to look at the pick-n-pull for a full sunroof assembly to keep as a spare.