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Sunroof Seal


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June 12, 2008
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Ocean City Maryland
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92 E.B
Ok so this is the first rain my Eddie has endured with me. It sat in a garage with the previous owner so this wasn't a problem with him, but my seal leaks right on my crotch and it looks like I wet myself when it rains. I have a towel on the seat now. I don't want my cloth seats getting moldy or anything. Where is the cheapest place for a sunroof seal? LMC truck wants $150??? Im good.

Where exactly is the leak? Is it happened when the glass is screwed down, and it's coming between the weather stripping and the glass? Or is it coming from around the frame of the sunroof? the part that sits into the roof of the Explorer?

If it's the frame in the roof, maybe just some silicone sealant would help the problem. Clean it, pump some silicone into it, sand it, spray paint it if need be.

Don't know if that helps, but let us know.

There was dirt trapped in between the glass and rubber and the glass wouldn't go down all the way. It's all better now thank god.