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Super Dumb question about after marked lifted shocks!


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August 24, 2007
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Gouverneur, NY
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'97 XLT

My truck would fit into the 4x4 ford 96-01 category

and I wanted to purchase parts 85331 (front shocks) and 85151 (rear shocks)

I'm thinking of moving up to the 4" superlift hydro shocks for the second gen Explorer. Any idea on if they're worth it or are durable enough? I've looked for reviews, but cant find any!

Will I be able to stick these on my truck without buying the superlift? The footnote says no, but I'm just never sure these days. Also, another dumb question (I'm learning as I go while I'm restoring my truck) I'll need 5 right? The fifth being the stabilizer shock?

Will I need to buy anything else in order to support another 4'' of shock height?

Thanks for any positive/helpful answers from the explorer heads on this forum! :)

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I'm confused. Why would you want 4" longer shocks if you don't have a 4" suspension lift? Or am I missing something?

Color me confused as well. There's a ton of great shocks for stock ride height. Why would you want these?

So I'm assuming I ned a suspension lift to install these.. I mean I could buy the stock sizes, all of mine are blown

they will not work without a suspension lift.

why even buy those shocks for stock height? They're the same shocks you would get at the local auto parts store for $20 each with a different sticker on them.

if you want anything else to support 4 inches of shock height better throw in a Superlift 4 inch lift kit too ,