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Super Swamper TSL/SX

just wondering if these tires are good for highway driving. every once in a while i take long road trips, about 500 miles, and its all highway and i was wondering if the super swamper tsl/sx tires are safe. thanks in advance.

I would not recomend them for highway use. They are going to be loud and probably rough riding. They also wont last very long either. I would go with BFG Mud terain KM's if you want a mud/ higway tire.
I also have a 97 Mountaineer 5.0 AWD and I'm running 30x9.50x15 BFG AT KO's. I lije them alot.
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definitely don't run sx's if you do highway driving, they are hard to balance and very loud.
But mainly you'll be getting a massage from these tires.
They come out of balance all the time, they are the worst super swampers for the road next to the boggers.

If you definitely want swampers...SSR's are the most highway friendly. probably radials next.
Oh yeah they got that new tire the TrXus, not as aggresive, but they are actually the most road friendly.

But your best bet if you do a lot of miles are BFG's. they are quality tires.
My friend's dad has some 33 BFG mud terrains on his jeep and they were much much quieter than my 33 TSL radials.
And i'm sure you know about their all-terrain.

Stay with a radial,
I've been running ProComp Xterrains here in S FL for a year and they are great. They are quieter than the Dunlop Mud Rovers I used to have. Well worth checking in to. And I drive the highway everyday to work and at least once a month on a run...