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supercharger on 5.0 in explorer


January 20, 2004
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'94 Limited
where can i find a good powerful supercharger on my 5.0 from 96 Explorer to fit under the hood in 94 Explorer. :exp: :us:

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Yep, it's $3400+, makes about 285HP, and cannot be upgraded(It's maxed out).

Try a centrifigal charger, like a Powerdyne. There are several people here with them.

I'm going to go the custom route. Like one other, I'm going to mount a KB over the driver's valve cover, like on a 90's Mustang 302. It takes a lot of custom parts, and I wish Kenne Bell would make a kit. The other one I just referred to is mild, making in the 350RWHP range. Good luck,

Interesting pictures; my 93 Explorer Limited is the same color. I am about to pull the body off, and install it onto a 99 Limited chassis(SOHC 4x4). They're beautiful colors, I couldn't sell it, to buy a better one. Glad to see that you are keeping yours alive. How much room do you hav for the air conditioner? I have been told that it is tight with a different engine. Regards,

i love the the color on the car. i took the A/C out but the compressor is still im, i am going to use the A/C compressor and convert it to air compressor, i have no use for the A/C here Iceland. i did a 2" bodylift

I just got my 99 donor chassis separated from the body today. LOL,

what do you think about Ford Explorer sport trac 2001 on 38" with solid axle in front. this is the project that i am working on.

I like the SportTracs, but I don't go four wheeling, and rarely need a truck bed. They have 12" rotors though, and I've bolted those onto my 93/99 Explorer. Good luck,