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Supercharger Questions

Good stuff here. If anyone rebuilds the later DOHC engines, try to get a better block. The best block is the 03/04 steel Cobra block. The next best choice is the aluminum block from all early Mark VIII's, called the Teksid block. The others are made by a different company, a little less strong.

Make the intercooler system work if you can that is as good as the meth/water injection I believe. You can do more with the intercooler system, add ice etc. I'm hoping to have space where the battery is to fit an extra AC evaporator inside a coolant reservoir there. I don't want to need to maintain a water/meth injection system, but a full time AC boost system I can handle, flip a switch.

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Ideally the goal is to run both the intercooler as well as the meth. The only reason i wont do the intercooler is if i just cant find one, or the price is stupid. This way if i can do both it will hopefully help in the reliability side of things, and eventually allow me to go bigger.

Well the 03/04 Cobra parts include that, so I would begin there at the least. Start by gathering the special parts you need for the IC coolant system, especially the heat exchanger up front. Those can be reasonable if you find a good deal, but you need to know what sizes can fit in your truck. I'll start with that also when I get headers done. You have the choice between stock parts new or used, and lots of aftermarket support for Mustangs.

I dont think the heat exchanger will be too bad to get ahold of. Right now my big ones are the lower intake and an intercooler. After those 2 are done, most of the remaining things should be relatively easy to find.

I understand about the IC, they used to be common on eBay, now they hardly turn up. That site I ran into, Bell intercoolers, they make countless sizes, but they aren't cheap either. I looked at sizes near 12x6x3", and they were over $275. The OEM type IC you need though because the coolant passes twice inside them, with the inlet/outlet together. I don't know how many aftermarket companies make those.

Plus the factory intercooler actually bolts to the bottom of the supercharger. So im definately going to try and find a factory intercooler if possible. Hopefully ill find one eventually, just going to keep my eyes open and jump on it if i find one.

Most of the stuff you need can be found on SVTP or Corral. Most guys will sell the stock stuff cheap which is all you need unless you build the bottom end. The Aviator, Mach 1, and Marauder engines use Hyperutetic pistons, powered metal rods, and cast cranks which won't hold up to much boost for long. Thats the reason I'm upgrading my Marauder internals.

My engine has 10:1 compression ratio with 9.5lbs of boost which is close to the limit. With the lower compression of the 03 Cobra pistons and stronger rods, I can turn the boost upto 17-18lbs and be safe. If you use the Eaton from a Cobra, be sure to get the 3.4" pulley so you don't make too much boost.

If the mach is a manual it should have a forged crank. But either way, the rods and pistions aren't much good in any 4.6 other than the 03-04 cobra.

Well the project has started. I got the first batch of parts today and have to admit it has me kinda excited. Although it is going to probably take a while to get things all together. I also have the lower intake on its way so it will round out most of the "big" parts.


Sweet. If I see anything come up locally I'll let you know. has Lightning intercooler pumps on sale. You might want to check it out.

Still have to get the intercooler first lol.

i want to do this same swap on my 05 aviator. how did it go? what all had to be done to make it work? any help you can offer woulld be greatly appreciated!

Its been put on hold for now. I did get a set of custom brackets for the front so i wouldnt have to use all the cobra stuff. But ive been looking and have been tossing around the idea of getting just a kenne bell kit and making it work. I still have the supercharger and some other parts though so we will see. I kinda got wrapped up in another project so for now the aviator has been put on hold and the autocross mustang has taken all the time.

Sorry to necro this thread, but I'm looking for an Aviator to complement the Marauder. Did you get any further with your swap project?

anymore info on your swap? have you gotten back to it yet?


I'm curious too...I wanted to swap a whole Cobra motor in, since it has the iron block, Manley rods, lower compression, blah blah blah...but i was worried about the front dress, air inlet, manifolds (wasn't sure if they would bolt up to my stockers) and other things that I prolly didn't think about...been searching the web like crazy and it seems nobody's done it. Maybe I'll just do a turbo like my buddy's Mountaineer =)

i looked into having it done on my wifes aviator. had a shop take a look at it. can't quite remember what exactly would need to be custom, but the guy did point out spots where the cobra stuff wouldn't work. his starting price was $10k with me providing parts. f that! i put a 408 in my 98 mountaineer instead:)