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Superduty D50 axle for SAS? Give me your thoughts........

I'm looking to do a SAS on a 2nd gen explorer or sport trac (I have both to choose from at the moment). I already have a D50 from a 02 Superduty is complete in great shape minus some locking hubs. I have always figured I would use a cut down or narrow d44 but I already have this. I would match it in the rear with a 10.5. The plan is for 37-38" tires on some super offseted wheels so they don't stick way out there. It would be on leafs and i would try to keep ABS also. My use would be mostly mud and some street driving so it has to be street legal.

Basically I'm looking for someone to say hey' I wouldn't use it because of so and so. I know all about the axle and it's strengths, but am very unsure of trying to use it under an explorer.

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My thoughts on the ABS would be to use the entire system from a super duty, computer, master cyl, ABS block the whole works.

Don't see any reason the 50 would not be a good choice.

Biggest issue I see are the width of leaf spring axle mounts vs the explorer frame width. That and the short tube on the drivers side. Pretty sure someone makes histeer for that axle so you can get decent steering angles. With that said, I say go for it.

We actually have a set of these axels off a 99 PSD and we're going to put them under a Ranger or Explorer ourselves. Just time and money have been a issue. Our plan was air shocks or coilovers. There really is not much room to do much on the short side. Also remember these axles hang down really low. You'll lose 2 inches easy in clearance. Our plan was to go lite as possible and 42's

Ruff stuff makes a full truss kit for the sterling if I remember right, and There is a high steer like Matt said.

Thanks for the input guys. Its looking like I will start slowly collecting parts. The truck I will be using is a 98 4 door awd v8 truck. I already have an extra 4406 w/shifter sitting on the self too.

I have not 100% decided on leafs but since the axle is already setup for it I'll probably go that way. For steering I'll probably go with just a passenger high steer knuckle to get me going. I'll go at least 4:88 if not 5:13 on the gears with a spooled front and some kind of locker in the rear.

I will be cutting the fenders to pieces to minimize actual lift height. I also want to move the front axle forward 2-3" and the rear back about an 1". I'll add a 1" body lift to make it a little easier to work on and shooting for about 8" of suspension lift. The goal is to keep the bottom of the bumper close to 31" w/35's (legal limit in Va) so I don't get hassled driving around town. I'm looking to run a 38" TSL front / Bogger rear combo for the mud.

So now it looks like I am on a hunt for a rear end now. Good thing my shop is directly across the street from Pick-n-Pull auto parts (you Californian's know the deal, they are all over there).

So a little update..... I now have a sterling 10.5 for the rear and have decided against leafs up front. After a quick mock up I really just didn't like where everything is going to sit with leafs, its just setup too wide. Now the plan is to Y-link it.

I found that you can cut a strong 1.5" off the cast diff housing which still leaves a good .75" till the first plug weld on the tube. I almost have 3" to play with right now for my large link. I have all the dom tubing I should need already on order and should have it next week but it will probably be sitting around till winter time. Still need to order heims, figure out if I'm running both knuckles high steer or just the passenger and what Toyota steering box I want to run. At the end of the day this is a budget build and I have till spring time to get it done so progress will be slow until I have a huge pile of parts and the IFS is cut out laying on the floor.