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Superlift 5.5 Inch Bracket Relocation?


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March 12, 2002
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'94 4wd Explorer
Can anybody running the Superlift 5.5 inch rear relocation bracket show me a pic of what it looks like? The info here says the rear uses stock length shocks with this bracket. I guess my real question is, is this just so you can use stock length shocks, or is there some other reason the bracket needs to be relocated? Seems to me you would be negating a lot of axle travel by sticking with the stock length shocks.

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Aw, okay. So the lift comes from a SOA and a block, yeah?

that is the SOA/block. With that installed it lifts the rear ~6 inches. It also provieds the shock mounts. As for your question about the amout of travel being limited by your shocks. It may be slightly limited on the downward side. I have not found myself having up travel hindered by anything other than my 33" tires rubbing the inside of my fenders. Remember you still the stock springs and they flex the same amount wether the axle is over or under the spring pack. Up grading your shocks on all four corners is advised.

superlift or skyjacker?

is that pic of a 5.5 superlift or the skyjacker 6? Im looking at getting the skyjacker 6 and am unsure if either of them convert the back to a spring over?? Also do either of them require driveshafts to be lengthened or any other mods that are not part of the kits???

The Spring Over Axle (SOA) conversion kit is available by itself at The part number for this item is SUP1160 and costs 109.99 + tax. This part is from Superlift and is sold as part of there 5.5 inch lift kit. The kit includes the 2 spring perch blocks, new shock bolts, and new extended sway-bar end-links.

I hope this information helps, if there are any other questions I can answer feel free to ask.

Thanks for the fast reply! I have been doin a lot of research into the best (price and kit) to lift my 91 X. Ive seen lots of info on the superlift 5.5 and the Skyjacker 6" and the classII Skyjacker seems to be the one that most people say is the best although more expensive.
Im trying to get all the info so i can get it ordered ASAP but still dont know the best way to go.
Ive pretty much decided that the look im after is 6" (or 5.5) just wanting to make sure if getting the kit is gonna get me all I need or if there are additional mods needed on top of the kit. Any suggestions would be great help.

Either kit is nice and they work equaly well. I have the skyjacker cause I got a killer deal on it, but I did have to go buy some parts cause it was used.

Skyjacker offers no way to lift the rear of your explorer to match the 6 inches of lift they sell for the front. You can however do a SOA for around 40 bucks. If you are a good welder or have a hook up for a welder/welding shop, just get a set of spring perches. Do your pinion angle and weld them on, then move your shocks to the top hole on your sway bar bracket.

Any way you chose to go I am sure you will be happy with the results. Just remember to regear your rig before driving it much with 33" or larger tires.