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superlift and skyjacker.


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April 6, 2002
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Mesa, Az
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92 XLT
Hi everyone.

I am getting ready to buy a superlift 5.5 for my 92 and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could order just the skyjacker drop down bracket and extended radius arms. I have read about all the trouble everyone has had with superlift and it all seems to be directed at the drop down bracket and radius arms and nobody complains about skyjacker so heres my plan. I want to order the superlift and then get the skyjacker bracket and arms and use those instead and I will still probably end up paying less that a full skyjacker kit. So if anyone knows where I can order the parts seperatly let me know ok. Thanks alot.

Rocky Mountian Suspension.

I may be way out in left feild here, but why not just order the class2 6" skyjacker for a ranger and delete the rear lift option. Then order the super lift SOA kit for the rear. That should end up costing less than the plan you have.

I know 4wheel parts sells the super lift SOA kit for 109.00 plus tax. That is where I got mine.

This is just an idea, basicly what I am doing for my lift. Hope it helps you with your adventures.