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Superlift Axle Pivot Bracket Broke


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March 11, 1999
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99 PSD for towing a Jeep
I recently discovered that the Superlift axle pivot bracket (drivers side axle) broke on my Explorer.

I recall other people having the same problem with the brackets and was hoping someone would step forward and let us know about their experience.

When I called Superlift about it, they want me to ship them the bracket so they can inspect it. OR, I could pay $115 for a new one and cross ship them my broken one. If it is broke under their warranty terms they will refund my money.

Thanks for the heads up. can you send a pic of your brake? would like to see just where it broke.


Here are some pictures. I decided to weld the old bracket back together. Dick Cepek is going to get me another bracket from Superlift.

I believe the crack may have been caused by the tabs being <90 degrees. When you bolt the bracket on, it creates stress on the inside of the bend. You can see from the photo, before tightening, that the tabs are not parallel to the frame.
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