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Superlift Leafs & Skyjacker


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March 15, 2002
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Parker, Colorado
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93 XLT
I bought a set of 4" superlift leafs and have only had them for about 3 months. I have only wheeled them once and put them on the ramp once, but they are already bent. The rep said they are stiffer than skyjacker, so that is why I bought them, but they are bent and sagging already. Anyone have 4" superlift or skyjacker leaf packs???????

Skyjacker people, how many leafs are in the pack and how thick are they, is there an overload leaf????

Superlift people, anyone have problems like this, or did I just get a bad batch???

Stupid Superlift, I figured they couldn't screw up leaf springs, but I guess I was wrong.

Thanks for the help

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where you go wheeling at man?

I was wheeling over at my buddies house in a riverbed. Nothing extreme. Thats why I am upset.

I have 4" Superlift springs on mine and have had them for several years now with now problems. I have done my fare share of wheeling with them too. I have heard horror stories about Superllift as well as Skyjacker but have never had any problems my self. I found that most of the problems people have been having are with the taller lifts, 5.5" or 6" lifts, not the 4" lifts. Superlift has a excellent reputation for correcting any problems. Are you sure that's not normal flex as the spring settles. Good luck, keep us posted.

Well that maybe the problem, this isn't a 4" lift. I am using these sprung over. The guy said they should be fine, but they aren't. Yeah it isn't the normal wear, they are bent. On the positive side they flex great. :chug:

Let me know if anyone else has any experience with them.

please explain what you mean by "bent"

I have Skyjackers, to me softer is BETTER for off roading.

I use my truck for towing a big ol boat and even then the Skyjacker 4" leafs dont sag like stock springs, but they ride about 400X's better then the stock BII leafs and the 4 door Explorer leafs I have had.

the Skyjacker leafs also flex great!

You do realize that Skyjacker and Superlift do not build their own springs....

Instead of curving right back up after the spring perch, there is a bend. i agree that offroad softer is better, but if the springs bend, they lose ride height and they don't rebound, that isn't BETTER. I am wondering if they didn't get tempered correctly or if they are just to soft and weak to be sprung over. :chug:

I don't know who builds their leafs for them,

Have you talked to SUperlift, or the place that sold them to you?

I am running 6" Skyjacker coils up front and 2 days after I installed them it was obvious one coil was just wrong. It was bent at the top and the coils were too close together. Physically the coils themselves were smaller in Dia then the other side.

I went back to the 4x shop I bought them from because I was leaving for Moab 2 days later. The guy looked at my truck and said, looks fine to me! I was like WTF?? Something is NOT right. So I went home, took the coil out, drove down to the 4x shop and showed him the coil. IT WAS BENT when it came out, I mean the coil took a turn 3/4 of the way up and moved over about 3".
Nobody I have talked to has ever seen anything like it.
I asked the same guy who said it was fine if he would put that POS in his truck? 2 minutes later I had a brand new coil in my hand.

My point?
Return the spring and dont take and crap from the vendor.
Leaf spring should not bend, it is defvective and should be replaced free of charge. May cost you a little labor. If you didnt do the install then I would kick and scream until they make it right.