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Superlift not tough enough


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May 16, 2000
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Tempe, AZ
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1992 XLT
the drop pivot brackets for my ttb on the 5.5" superlift have started to flex back and forth too much. The drop bracket for the passengers side wheel has flexed so much that it has started to dig into the differential housing on the driver side ttb half.

Has anyone else encountered this? Can these brackets be reinforced? I need to figure something out before I dig a hole in my differential.

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Tom Davis just had some mods done to get rid of those problems. If you look at a Rancho kit you will see a rod running from the left arm pivot bracket back to a custom crossmember. This keeps the bracket from deflecting. Rancho's kit is only 2 1/2" I believe it would be much more important to reinforce the bracket on the 5 1/2" lift due to the additional leverage encountered.

Hopefully Tom will see this and post some pics of his setup.


What is the contact info for FST. Where are they located? Do you think that this is something that they would be able to handle? Thanks.

FST is in Phoenix. Their number is 602-484-7127. They could definately handle something like that, you just need to tell them exactly what you're trying to accomplish.


thanks Rick. hey, have you decided what day you are heading up to truck haven? A buddy and I are heading up together and we are checking to see who else wants to caravan.
let me know if you are interested.

If you mean in January, we are heading up on Thursday night, we probably won't get out there until 10 or 11pm.

Originally posted by Campbell

Has anyone else encountered this?


Can these brackets be reinforced? I need to figure something out before I dig a hole in my differential.

Yes. I had a frame shop re-align the brackets, and add a brace that runs from the passenger side of the cross member to the passenger side TTB drop bracket. They didn't weld it out right - they add a couple of bushings, say "flex is needed, else it will crack the frame". Sorry, no pics at the moment (I'll try and get some later).

No mods was done to the drivers side TTB drop bracket - it appeared to be NOT moving on my truck.

Will that cancel any warrenty from Superlift?
I was going to add a support on mine, but Superlift said if you weld there brackets that doesn't hurt the warrenty, but if you grind or cut the weld, then that does. Didn't make since to me, but that is what they said.
As you remember at CCR2000 mine was rubbing just a little.
I would like to see pictures of what you did.


The only brackets affected was the passenger side TTB drop bracket, and the cross member. I've already chewed that one up (took off the dang tabs for a sway bar), so I don't care.

Besides, if it breaks, I'll have a reason to do the solid axle then.. :)